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    Action snapshot CISCO 1941 error ssh code 10

    Luiz Silva

      Hi all,


      Would like the help for this problem we are having in cisco equipment router CISCO router 1941, IOS 15.1


      /Job Details:

      Job ID:  BNA0000000041

      Change ID:

      Task ID:

      Action #1:  Snapshot

      Result:  Failed

      Date/Time:  06/29/17 15:07:26

      Error Message:  Device not accessible for Snapshot: check address, ssh public key, and access list settings.

      Exception:  DeviceAccessException: non-recoverable open failure for XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX , caused by: IOException: connection failure, ssh code 10


      Device Details:

      Name:  XXX-C1941

      Device Type:  Cisco IOS Switch/Router

      Device Interface:  Primary

      Device Agent:  Local

      Access Mode:  SSH2:23

      File Transfer Mode:  Tunneled

      Device Security Profile:  xxxxxxxxx



      thanks for help

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