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    We are wanting to use Truesight Capacity Optimization for Network Performance/Capacity and wanted to ask is there a standard Network ETL that we should use and typically what network data is read into Network ETL?

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      1. We are new to Network Performance/Capacity and wanting to utilize BMC Truesight Capacity Optimization.
      2. Wanting to know whether anyone has created a Network ETL to pull in Network Performance/Capacity data into a Network ETL and we are interested in knowing what Network data they pulled into the Network ETL?
      3. Interested to know whether they utilized an OOTB Network ETL or whether the Network RTL had to be customized?
      4. Interested in knowing whether there a OOTB Network Views within the Truesight Capacity Optimization Presentation Server available?
      5. Interested if there are any Network ETL Metrics list available
      6. Interested in any references or links of sample Network Performance and Network Capacity reporting.


      Many thanks!

      Kevin Luey

      Cell (508) 231-6887