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    Remedy Support Contract ID

    Viknesh PS
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      We have recently taken over a Remedy (8.1.02) project, earlier managed by other vendor, and BMC support id is not provided by earlier vendor/customer.

      As per customer, we have to contact (by mail) the earlier vendor to raise case with BMC as it seems they don’t have a contract.


      1.My query is how possible for a customer using Remedy without having a contract or they are not aware/missing something here. How this works? If this is the case, how should I get my BMC profile created?


      2. I am planning to highlight below points and convince customer to get support id. Please help me if any another points to be added along with below.


      1. No support for product issues
      2. Will not get the latest hot fixes and patches
      3. Not able to upgrade from 8.1 to 9.x
      4. For critical issues like server or email engine down, will not be able to get support (not sure how to put this as Client might ask I am supposed to take care of L3 issues, Kindly help to highlight this points or should I not mention this)


      3. Any documents or link explaining the benefits of upgrading to BMC Remedy for customer. I have gone through few documents but most of them explaining technical only.

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