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    How to stop 'Request Behalf of' in SB?

    Sanket Mhatre
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      Hello Team,


      We have a requirement ,in which , For a specific service, we don't want users to use SB feature request on behalf of. User must request a service only for themselves when it comes to specific Service.


      Does any one know , if we can use Show Alert as a error during Q&A, and we can put a condition such that 'Requested by' & 'Requested for' if not equal then give some error message on the Q&A screen in SB?


      Tony Chung, any idea for specific service 'X' user should not be able to use 'On Behalf Of'.  I searched and come across for SRM , we can do something Disable 'on behalf of' for an SRD , however what about service broker.. We are in very much urgent need of this information.


      CC :Carl Wilson