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    Knowledge Management Questions for a KM SME?

    Poppi Turlich
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      I have a customer launching Knowledge Management and they are asking the following. Can anyone answer?


      1.  When creating knowledge from an incident using Functions -> Create Knowledge, nothing from the incident (except for the Summary into the Article Title) is moved into the template selected. Ideally they would like to have the contents of the Notes and the Resolution fields moved to the respective fields within the knowledge templates.  For example, in the problem solution template we would like the Notes content moved to the Problem section and the Resolution content moved to the Solution section. Is this possible?


      2. The customer does not want to use Status Transitions. They are unable to turn them off within RKM:CFG-StatusTransition because they are protected. Is there a way to turn this off?


      3. .  Is there any preventative maintenance available? When the customer was on premise, they reindexed once per month to ensure that everything stayed up and running.  Any suggestions on regular knowledge maintenance?


      4. They have seen some nuances (ie save button disappearing and other AR errors). Is there anything they can do to get ahead of this?


      Knowledge Admin, can you help?



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          Peter Adams

          Poppi, can you share, if the customer is using Smart IT or mid-tier ITSM UI?

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            Peter Adams

            Note: in Smart IT we copy over a bit more information from the incident - not just summary, but description and resolution. In general, it is a challenge that we support multiple article types (incl. custom ones), so we'd have to introduce a field mapping mechanism to fully support what you have in mind. Today, we map it in the best way in Smart IT. For those record types where we structure maps well, we do copy the info more extensively (e.g. from Known Error record to KA with Known Error template.


            When you say "the customer doesn't want status transitions" - how are they expecting to work with knowledge? Are they not expecting to have an article status and the option to update the status?  Someone would create an article and then it's immediately (and forever) visible? In my perspective, managing the life cycle of an article is best practice. If they want to simplify the life cycle (avoiding approvals, review phases), then they can configure the system to do use a simpler life cycle.


            For any issues that they can't explain, the customer should contact support.

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              Poppi Turlich

              The are active Smart IT users.

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                Melissa Kray

                Hi Peter!!


                1. Great to note that in Smart IT the copying over is easier.  The idea would be to create the articles in Smart IT but then they would be used in Remedy ITSM.  We don't have full adoption of Smart IT for incident recording etc.


                2.  We would like to just have simplistic status transitions.  For example - In Progress, Draft, Publish Approval, and then Published.  When I go to the Status transition form and try to offline the Optional Review Statuses it tells me that they are protected. Would this be done more in the approval configuration rather than this particular form?



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                  Ash Hall

                  Hi Poppi Turlich and Melissa Kray,


                  • 2. The protection of certain Status Transitions is enforced via workflow and therefore it is possible to disable the workflow responsible (1 x Filter and 1 x Active Link) therefore allowing you to make changes to them. Whilst I have tested this in 8.x with success but I am yet to assess the impact that such changes would have on Smart IT which may not take into account the changes made to the underlying form.

                  • 3. Regular Knowledge Source reindexing shouldn't be entirely necessary if your FTS infrastructure is functioning efficiently and reliably, why do they run the reindex once a month, did you find that articles were being excluded from the index?

                  • 4. I have also seen this issue on a recent implementation and I was unable to determine the root cause although it seems to relate to a fault during the generation of Mid Tier cache in relation to the 'RKM:KnowledgeArticleManager' form. Flushing the Mid Tier cache tends to resolve the issue but this is not an acceptable long-term fix, therefore I would recommend raising a support ticket with BMC.


                  Feel free to review my 'Guide To Knowledge' which will hopefully assist with any additional queries:

                  Ash's Guide to Knowledge Management in Smart IT & RKM - Searching, Optimization, Process, Indexing & Images


                  in addition I offer my services to you on behalf of BMC if you require any Knowledge-specific consulting services, feel free to drop me a message to coordinate.

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