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    Midtier console user interface getting distorted **MID TIER CACHE ISSUE**

    Chandrakala Mohan
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      We have flushed the cache, as well as hard flushed the cache. but images are not getting uploaded into midtier cache as well as user interface getting distorted. Please help on a high priority.

      We have performed the below steps with respect to hard flush , but still issue is reoccurring.



      Manually clearing the midtier cache




      Shutdown the tomcat service.


      Delete the contents of the following folders:



      <Midtier>/cachetemp/ [might need to check if the folder exists. If it does, delete the contents] – Delete files if folder exists.






      <Tomcat>/ temp/








      Navigate to: <Midtier>/WEB-INF/classes/
      Delete the two files viewstats.dat and  viewstats.dat.bak


      Restart tomcat service


      Check if preload checkbox is checked in the midtier config



      If yes, preload will automatically commence.



      If no, enable preload, and then click "Flush cache" to trigger preload. (Note Click on Flush Cache only once.)


      Preload progress can be monitored in midtier logs – INFO level logging.




      below files are not getting uploaded into midtier , that is they remain with 0 size.

      Form images.data

      Form images.index



      Midtier Screenshot.JPG



      1. Did you try it on different browser. Are you facing it only in IE.

      ->We are facing the issue across all browsers

      2. You see this distortion in all the forms or only in the home page.

      -> On all forms.

      It was working fine till today morning. it stopped working after hard flush.



      Operating System : AIX  


      Database Version : 11gR2 

      Operating System Patches : 6100-05-01-1016  


      Database Type : SQL-Oracle



      AR System Version / Patch : 7.6.04 SP1



      Mid-Tier Information : Apache Tomcat 7.0.22


      Browser Configuration : Internet explorer 8.0