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    Using blcli to remove a device and decommission a server

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      I have to decommission 500+ servers and their devices.  I have created a script that outputs the server name and mac address for a list of servers in a  smart group that i need to remove.  I have found commands to decommission the server via blcli, and i found one that would delete the device, however, I am not sure how I will get rid of the provision jobs before i delete the device.  Each server/device has an associated provision job that needs to be removed first.  Manually removing the provision jobs will be very time consuming as they are buried under various folders.  I created a job smart group based on the name of the job (the job names always contain the server name), however through the app when i right click on a job under that smart group, the delete option is greyed out.  Some thoughts i had were to create a script that will delete all the jobs under the smart group, but I am not sure if that will actually work and the dependency stuff in BL scares me.


      Please help!



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