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    About the "Inputevent"

    Mina Horiuchi
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      I am learning about the BAO.

      I'm working with the BAO however i still haven't understood about the "Inputevent" well.

      I learned how to set the inputevent on the workflow but can't understand why do i need to set this?


      In my understanding, the Inputevent is related to the Monitor adapters (etc. PopAdapter).


      I was thinking if i'm gonna use the Popadapter (as a realized the trigger) for start the workflow, i have to set inputevent on the workflow therefore, i was always setting it.

      However recently i just noticed that even if i didn't set it, the workflow will work well...and i got confused..


      Could someone please teach me whats is the different point between set the Inputevent and not set the Inputevent?


      Kind Regards,


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          Matthew Highcove

          inputevent is the means by which a workflow knows about the incoming event. If you do not input inputevent, a workflow cannot read the incoming event or use data in it. For some use cases, this is not a problem. You do not need an inputevent for workflows where the contents of the event are not important.


          For example, say you want to set up BAO so it restarts a server whenever the POP adapter sees a specific email. If there is only one server you want to restart, you can set up a rule that says "if the POP adapter receives an email with the subject 'restart server A', run the workflow that specifically restarts server A". That does not need an inputevent because the workflow is hard-coded and you have already done everything in the rule. But if you want a rule that says "if the POP adapter receives an email with the subject 'restart server A', run the workflow that can restart any server and tell it to restart server A", you will need an input event because you need to pass the name of the server to the workflow. Without inputevent, the workflow cannot know what server to restart and it should fail.

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            Mina Horiuchi

            Hi Matthew


            Thanks for your comment.

            I totally understood thanks to you.

            It is related to the contents of the event.

            And yes in my case, the contents wasn't important.


            Many many thanks for telling me about inputevent.

            I appreciate it.


            Best Regards,


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