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    ADDM Product EOL Sync pattern

    Mathew Gannon

      Hi All,


      I'm on a bit of a TPL learning exercise (complete  TPL Noob here) and I'm trying to get the Support Detail from ADDM into the CMDB for our Products.


      The below is loading ok into ADDM, but i'm getting Sync errors, and therefore no data. Essentially I'm trying to populate the Product CI based off the SI EOL data - anyone got any pointers at please?



      from CMDB.SoftwareInstance_SoftwareServer import SoftwareInstance_SoftwareServer 4.0;

      syncmapping SIprodDates_Extension 1.0

            tags CMDB, ProductDates, Extension;
         end overview;

         mapping from SoftwareInstance_SoftwareServer.softwareinstance as si
          traverse ElementWithDetail:SupportDetail:SoftwareDetail:SupportDetail as supdet
          end traverse;
         end mapping;
              product := SoftwareInstance_Product.product;
        for each supdet do
              product.EOS_EndofSupportDate   := supdet.end_support_date;
              product.EOL_RetirementDate   := supdet.end_support_date;
              product.EOES_EndofExtendedSupportDate := supdet.end_ext_support_date;
        end for;
          end body;
          end syncmapping;

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          ryan nicosia

          Are EOS_EndofSupportDate, EOL_RetirementDate, and EOES_EndofExtendedSupporDate all valid attributes in your CMDB for SoftwareInstance?


          I'm no TPL expert either so can't really help with your syntax but first pass it appears to be ok.

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            Mathew Gannon

            Thanks Ryan - Yep those are valid in the CMDB - we already have a number of patterns populating them for DB's and SI's. I thought I'd have a go myself with the Product CI's, more as a learning exercise than anything else

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              Andrew Waters

              This seems rather confused. There is no SoftwareInstance_Product - you are importing SoftwareInstance_SoftwareServer.


              Based on this you would need to extend the SoftwareInstance_Product sync mapping unfortunately there is currently a defect for this (DRUD1-19927) which prevents you extending a syncmappiing when it itself extends from multiple mappings.


              The only way to work around it is to take a copy of the SoftwareInstance_Product and override the original, effectively replacing the base mapping.

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