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    WannaCry: Important notice for customers using patch management with SQLServer or PostgreSQL databases

    Serena Lambiase
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      Critical note: you must apply these hotfixes to be protected from WannaCry

      UPDATE: We have posted hotfixes for all versions on the BMC electronic product download site.

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      We found an issue with the recent KB update, where Shavlik introduced file size for Windows 10 service packs.

      This reveals a problem in the way BCM stores this information in the master database.


      This impacts all versions of BCM. The impact of this issue is that many patches are not inserted into the database, and patches release since November 2016 cannot be managed anymore:

      • Patches previously added to a patch group/job will be removed
      • Patches detected in patch inventories will not be listed as missing or installed


      WannaCry: BCM's response to MS17-010 and the WannaCry vulnerability