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    Errors with msvcr71.dll msvcp71.dll in Remedy 7.5

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      I've just had my machine rebuilt from Windows 7 to Windows10 and am trying to reinstall Remedy 7.5. It installs but then throws errors when I try and run it relating to msvcr71 and msvcp71.dll.


      Looking in C:\Program Files (x86)\BMC Software\ARSystem\BMCARSystemInstallJVM\bin msvcr71.dll was present but msvcp wasn't i've copied that in from another location and also placed in windows\system32 but still get the error.  Couple of things i've read suggest that the dll error isn't the root cause of the issue but more to do with the 'compatability' at install but i'm not clear on how I change this?


      Any help greatly appreciated