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    Time format H:MM:SS comparison using BETWEEN operator

    Nehal Ahmad
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      Hi All,


      I am writing a CASE in BMC Smart reporting in which I am trying to compare Last Resolved date in H:MM:SS BETWEEN 07:30:00 AND 15:00:00 and I am getting an error Invalid DateTimeFormat.

      Please see the screenshot.

      Whereas in SAP BO it is achievable. Please see the screenshot.

      How to achieve this in BMC smart reporting for this?




      SAP BO screen shot:




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          Mohammad Rehman

          BMC Support can better explain, why OOTB Date and Time dimensions are not available. What I can possibly think of is to add time filed in your form and populate that field and then add that filed into view and try to use that filed in the filter.

          In your calculated field even you have added the field with Time only but actually its timestamp field and it will throw the error as expected.

          BMC must enable the Free SQL, CSV and other OOTB features enabled which Smart reporting is capable of, unfortunately we are using handicapped version of  YellowFin smart reporting.