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    BAO - Dashboard

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         I need help about configuration of BAO - Dashboard.



         I installed the Dashboard of BAO with sucess, where i configured all the metrics in the Grid, when i finished all steps of instalation and configuration, i accessed the portal of Dashboard.

         My problem is i can't create a report in dashboard because the available metrics doesn't apear. 


              I clicked in button refresh and nothing happened. Does anyone know why it does not show the metric




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          Umesh Sehgal

          Hi Marcelo,

          One of the reason this could happen ,if the grid is not able to push the metrics data to the database. Take a look at the grid.log inside CDP's tomcat/logs to find out if there are any errors reported related to database connection.



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            Smita Ithape

            Hi Marcelo,


            You try with below

            -set the Record Metrics property to true for any process in developer studio on which you will report on

            -export it to repository and activate it on the grid

            -clear browser history and access your baodashboard to  create report type process metric.