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Editing a post

Carey Walker

I know I did this once or twice before - but I can't now seem to figure out how to edit a post just entered?? What's the trick??

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    David Fiel

    Due to legal concerns, we turned off message editing.  You can always post a reply and mark the original as abuse (the yellow ! triangle icon) and we will remove it. 

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    Kelly Deaver

    This was answered in the next forum - http://communities.bmc.com/communities/thread/20025&tstart=0

    Basically, it's a legal issue.

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    Karen Farrell

    The new procedure for editing or removing a post is to input your edits in Resource Center > Contributions > Updates.

    There is a document with instructions for doing so under Resource Center > Contributions. You can search for it with Document ID# 1811. The current URL for the document (I don't like to give URLs because they change when we update the site) is http://communities.bmc.com/communities/docs/DOC-1811#update. That URL will take you right to the section containing the material on updating or removing a resource.

    if the link doesn't work at a later time, please search for the document (from the main page of the BMCDN) using the doc ID 1811.

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    Karen Farrell

    With our move to the new architechure, we have an even better way for you to edit your posts: now you edit them directly! Simply navigate to your document (that you either posted yourself or on which you have editing privileges given by the author), and click Edit document in the Actions pane.


    For more information on posting documents, see the The specified item was not found. and the blog The specified item was not found..