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    RFC Approvers receiving email "The email can not be processed"

    Jonathan Girwar-Nath
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      Hi Everyone,


      Lately our RFC (Request For Change) approvers have been receiving an email with the subject line "The email can not be processed" and a body of "Item ID RFC-101372 is not correct." I cannot see where in Footprints this is occurring. They can vote by email and their vote is counted, however they receive these emails immediately after voting.

      I am unsure when the problem initially started, I have gotten feedback from my users as far back as Feb 28.


      Has any one else experienced this issue and been able to solve it? I have followed other posts about the default user, however those don't seem to solve the issue at hand.

      Any assistance in the matter is greatly appreciated.


      We are running BMC FootPrints Service Core Version, Build 24.15