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      • 30. Re: Remedy 9.1 Upgrade Recommendations
        Stefan Hall

        Hi Johannes,

        patch 001 for 9.1SP2 ... good to know. I will check my emails tomorrow.

        We run SP2 as is, currently without Hotfix Version Stamp: 9.1.02 201701050505. Once bitten, twice shy - most new BMC HF brings new errors. We implement some additional QA checks, especially for patches and the new major CU_ALL HFs.


        Back to SP2 patch 001 - I've checked BMC documentation (known & correctes issues), but no SP2.001 information, but I can download it. Hope we will see some detailed information early next week.


        I remember that normalization should be patched, because of incorrect handle of null values. I've documented our findings at office. I'll take a look tomorrow.

        :-) Stefan

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