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    Datastore logs lost after IoZone run

    Viktor Marinov

      Hi Andrew Waters,


      after running an IoZone performance test on datastore log file, the file is gone.

      The model service doesn't start:


      Starting local ADDM application services

          Starting Security service:                             [  OK  ]

          Starting Model service:                                [FAILED]

      Tue Feb 14 18:04:44 2017 : tw_svc_model started.

      ds_store: (0) 2017-02-14 18:04:48.543148: ERROR: BDB2506 file doomed has LSN 2/100966902, past end of log at 1/475

      ds_store: (0) 2017-02-14 18:04:48.543164: ERROR: BDB2507 Commonly caused by moving a database from one database environment

      ds_store: (0) 2017-02-14 18:04:48.543170: ERROR: BDB2508 to another without clearing the database LSNs, or by removing all of

      ds_store: (0) 2017-02-14 18:04:48.543176: ERROR: BDB2509 the log files from a database environment

      Tue Feb 14 18:04:48 2017 : Watchdog : Service cleanly shut down.

      ERROR: Failed to start services


      Is there anyway to start it without logs or should I use tw_model_wipe?


      Thank you!

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          Andrew Waters

          What do you mean you ran iozone performance test of the log file?


          If you have destroyed the transaction log file then you are not going to get the datastore back.

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            Viktor Marinov

            Thank you for your correct answer as always.

            You can run iozone like this:


            /opt/iozone/bin/iozone -a -i 0 -i 2 -g 32G -q 32k -y 32k -f <filename>


            and it takes a file, so the disk I wanted to benchmark had the datastore log on it and I just used this file.


            Should I now use tw_model_wipe or delete everything in datastore directory, as I think ADDM checks for datastore on boot and if there is no datastore creates files for new one automatically?


            Best regards.

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              Viktor Marinov

              tw_model_wipe requires a password (already logged as tideway user), but states:


              ERROR: Authentification unsuccessful


              for tideway user pass. Also tried it with -u --username, -p --password options and still the same.


              The security service is started:


              Some ADDM application services are not running

                  Security service:                        7170          [  OK  ]

                  Model service:                                         [ STOP ]

                  Vault service:                                         [ STOP ]

                  Discovery service:                                     [ STOP ]

                  Mainframe Provider service:                            [ STOP ]

                  SQL Provider service:                                  [ STOP ]

                  CMDB Sync (Exporter) service:                          [ STOP ]

                  CMDB Sync (Transformer) service:                       [ STOP ]

                  Reasoning service:                                     [ STOP ]

                  Tomcat service:                                        [ STOP ]

                  Reports service:                                       [ STOP ]

                  External API service:                                  [ STOP ]

                  Application Server service:                            [ STOP ]


              For which password is the wipe asking about?

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                Viktor Marinov

                Ok, only as information if someone else has the problem with password on tw_model_wipe tool:


                I had to stop security service (part of tideway services), then no more authentication was required, but also the tool just displayed the options and didn't start.


                Only --force option worked with stopped security service and did the job well.