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    Agent Installer Job failing due to PsExec issue

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      When we are trying to install Agents on Windows targets using Windows Agent installer job, it is failing with the below error message:


      Warning02/08/2017 05:16:42Remote host authentication 4 of 5 'sisyphus' failed to validate against server 'Win_Target_IP' due to: Failed to connect to PsExec Server: PsExec_Server_IP due to 'No authorization to access host'.  This typically means either the exports/users file for the PsExec Server are preventing access or the user .\sisyphus does not have access to the PsExec Server or does not have the 'Log on as a batch job' Local Security Policy privilege enabled on the PsExec Server.


      I can access and perform all other activities to this PsExec through BSA. But, only for Installer jobs, the user mapping is failed. Error in rscd.log is:


      02/08/17 05:17:06.610 ERROR    rscd -  PsExec_IP 39848 SYSTEM (Not_available): (Not_available): authenticate_user failed ; Error Location: RSCD_WinUser::initFromUsernameDomainW:LookupAccountNameW ; Error Message: No mapping between account names and security IDs was done. ; Auxiliary Error Message: Account: .\sisyphus

      02/08/17 05:17:06.610 WARN     rscd -  AppServer_IP 39848 SYSTEM (BLAdmins:My_ID): CM: Failed to change to alternate user