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    How do I get to the Console from Self Service 3.0?

    Samuel Pinizzotto
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      I have manually upgraded on my Sandbox to take Self Service 3.0 and the Winter '17 upgrade for a spin.

      When I log into the Sandbox now, it goes into the Self Service 3.0 UI. But now I don't have any tabs at the top and can't get to my console and other tabs.


      This is a screen shot of my Self Service 3.0 UI



      The only way is for me to shorten the URL in the browser address and it takes me to my profile in Salesforce. Then the tabs are there.

      This is a screen shot after I shorten the URL and get to my profile with the tabs...



      Is there a setting that I'm missing? I looked through the documentation and couldn't find any reference to it anywhere.


      Anyone have thoughts or a solution?



      Sam Pinizzotto