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    Remedy 9.1 memory usage

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      Hi everybody,

      we recently set up a new instance of Remedy including smart reporting, Atrium CMDB and Integrator, ITSM, SRM and SLM. We used the version 9.1.02 and didn't migrate any data, so right now Remedy is running without doing much.


      Even when running idly, we noticed a much higher memory usage compared to version 8.1.02  where we had the same modules installed (minus smart reporting). In the higher version, Remedy is constantly using around 8GB of ram which is actually all of the availably memory, where in the previous version it needed around 6GB. We noticed that remedy is also behaving sluggishly and slow, which makes me think that all the memory is not just cached but actually needed - and that we need to give the host more of it.


      The additional tomcat for smart reporting takes a big chunk of the additional memory, but I was wondering if anyone in the community already has some experience with the increased memory usage of version 9.1.