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    Software License Management - Authorizing Assigned Objects

    Joe Packard
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      I’m confused.


      I want to define a software license – done

      I want to assign the associated “units” – done

      I want to evaluate that against ALL my computers – assignment made to all client devices – done

                      I do NOT want to go through the list of potentially thousands of devices and manually select authorized devices

                      I WANT to add another device group (subset) and authorize Them


      When I do this, every device in the subgroup shows “conflict” for authorization status.  Is there another way to authorize?


      Am I doing something wrong?


      If the subset is the only group being evaluated, then how do I find rogue software installs in the enterprise?


      Additionally, if I deploy software to a device, is it possible to automatically “authorize” it?

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          Moises Almeida

          Hello Joe,


          I didn’t understand very well how you are doing this, but I can share with you how I do in my company.


          Instead of evaluating against All the computers what I do is create queries and groups for each software I want to evaluate, and on Application Management I only assign the correspondent group to the Application.


          After doing this I authorize only the devices that are authorized for us (IT) to have the application, if there occurs an installation not authorized on a device, when BCM identifies that the device as it installed it’s going to appear on Application Management has unauthorized, this way we can control unauthorized installations.


          Hope I was clear enough, and hope it helps.