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    Control-M Usage Reporting Tool

    Marco Bellusci
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      Hi all


      How exactly are the licence-task-based numbers genereated? Can please someone answers my qeustion below?


      All ordered Jobs are counting? Yes or no and if yes, within which period/interval?

      Dummy jobs counts also?

      When exactly are the totalcounts of jobs written to the DB? Which time?

      If I order a job today after midnight and if he runs successfully

      and I then delete this job before newday, will it count?

      What if I order  the whole Batch (around 50'000 Jobs) by misstake twice but I hold and delete the wrong added duplicate jobs

      before newday or before start of the Batch? Will the tool count 50'000 or 100'000?

      I'm not sure if they count all ordered jobs (of one ODATE 00.00 - 23.59), or if they just take a picture of all jobs in AJF (running, waiting, finished, holded, ended in error etc.) after midnight/newday?



      Thanks a lot in advanced.




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          Paul Robins

          Hi Marco,

          For licensing, BMC will count every task that exists on the AJF during a Control-M day, i.e. from newday to newday.

          This includes dummy jobs, deleted jobs, jobs which do not execute, jobs which are leftover from the previous day (so these are counted in both days), and even jobs that completed on a previous day but might still be on the AJF due to being held.

          Basically, the AJF jobcount immediately before the start of newday is your license count for the previous day.

          If you have a situation where you have an operational incident that causes a license breach as you have described you should notify your account manager and explain the situation and generally they will provide an exception for that day.


          The current task based licensing structure is a huge problem for us as we run a lights out site. So we basically need to call out people in the middle of the night to fix non-urgent problems just so we don't breach license by having the jobs stay past newday. Not ideal for an automation product.




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            Rick Westbrock

            I had no idea that "jobs which are leftover from the previous day (so these are counted in both days)". I can use this information to help push our Java developers to fix code defects that cause a few jobs to fail about 80% of the time since I know now that incurs additional license utilization.


            I did a quick skim of the article linked by Vikas and don't see anything about SMART folders. I know that they have an Order ID but it isn't clear whether they are counted against the max license utilization or not.


            I was told by Support that even if I modify a job in the AJF (to change a notification for example) and rerun it that it doesn't consume a license which was a huge revelation for our developers as we had been modifying jobs in the Planning domain and ordering them in again. It is a bit fiddly to do multiple iterations on the active job and then make sure that all the changes get implemented in Planning but it sure saves a lot of licenses.

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              Woow, this is a new info for me. Thanks for sharing :-)

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                Paul Robins

                Hi Rick, I don't know about SMART folders. We've never used them.

                And yes, modifying and rerunning a job already on the AJF will not count as an additional task. Similar to cyclic jobs, you can execute a task as many times as you want. It's all about the number of unique Order IDs.

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                  Marco Bellusci

                  There will be a welcom textfile which explains the purpose of the usage tool:



                  cat welcome.txt


                  The purpose of the below text is to aid the general use of the Control-M reporting tool.

                  This below text in no way supersedes, replaces, or modifies your contract, which is the document that details

                  your Licensed Capacity and how it is counted.



                  How are tasks/jobs counted?



                  ¦   The task count is based on the  total number of jobs present in  the Control ¦M ¦Active Jobs¦ databases  within any 24-hour period,

                  as further described in your contract.

                  This does not apply to customers who are licensed based on other units of measurement  such as MIPS, CPU, or tiers.


                  ¦   Tasks in the Control-M ¦Active Jobs¦ databases  refers to all Control-M tasks that are monitored by Control-M across all of your

                  Distributed Systems or Mainframe environments.

                  This includes development, staging, QA, pre-production, test, and production environments.


                  ¦   Tasks are counted regardless of whether they execute or not.


                  ¦   A task that runs more than once during the day (with the same Order ID) is counted as one task.  This includes tasks that are rerun

                  as well as cyclic tasks.


                  ¦   A single task that executes more than one script is counted as one task.


                  ¦   Tasks that have time zone settings may remain in the ¦Active Jobs¦ databases for up to three consecutive days, but are only counted

                  once as a single task.


                  ¦   Jobs that are ordered to run on a future date are counted every day the job resides in the ¦Active Jobs¦ database.


                  ¦   SMART folders/tables and sub-folders/tables, which contain scheduling definitions, and are listed as tasks in the ¦Active Jobs¦

                  databases, are not counted as tasks.

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                    Rick Westbrock

                    Thanks Marco, I hadn't thought to look in the data sub-directory for documentation files.

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                      Nagarajan M S

                      THe same is also accessible from the Usage Utiltiy tool when you click on "About Tasks" or "About Endpoints" buttons at the bottom.

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