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    How can the AR Server 9.x encrypt its DB connection to Oracle?

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      AR Server 9.0 and above seems to use direct JDBC connections in order to connect to the Oracle database. It does not use the Oracle fat Client libraries any more.

      Therefore it seems to be impossible to alter the connection parameters of this JDBC connection in order make encrypted connections mandatory.


      Has anyone been successfully passing appropriate connection parameters to the JDBC connector via command line parameters of the Java command line in file "armonitor.conf"? Is there any Java Guru out there who can tell me if this would be possible?


      We are implementing an new Remedy ITSM Suite in some high-security Environment. The security architects claim that JDBC would transmit the Oracle password of the Remedy account (aradmin) without encrypting it, and therefore they require us to encrypt the whole JDBC connection to the database. Is there any way to encrypt this Connection other than to use Remedy 8.x instead of 9.x and to Switch on encryption in the Oracle fat client?