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    Problems after upgrading blacdelogic from 8.8 to related to Job Permissions


      Hello there,



      after upgrading our enviroment from 8.8 to we have troubles running one of our basic jobs.

      This job normally creates a folder (inside the bladlogic enviroment on the console).
      The issue now is that since the update the job creates the folder with the wrong permissions.

      It sets the permissions on a Linux-ACL instead of a Windows-ACL ( terminology used to distinguish for which OS the job is running ).


      The job itself is running with an 'Execution Override' as the BLAdmin user with the appropriate role ( Windows-Permission -> Object Permission Template Windows ->

      ACL Template Windows -> ACL Policies Windows / ALL_READONLY -> ACL Policy Windows has Server.* in it ).

      The readonly ACL Policy is used on the created folder.


      What we did since:

      I) Deleted and created and again the ACL Policy, the ACL Template and also removed the ACL Template
      from Windows-Role and put it back on.

      The Error still exists.


      II) If we do it manually with the user from the execution override setting, the folder is created with the correct permissions.


      Does anybody have had the same issue or something similar?