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    Request some examples and ideas for Work Order Types

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      Is someone able to give me some examples and ideas for Track-It! work order types? Thanks in advance. My company Track-It! work order types is 4 pages that caused it is hard for end-users to choose one what they want, even some users do not want to see some types that are not related their departments. So could someone give me some other agencies/companies work order types examples or some good ideas how to manage these types efficiently and effectively. Thanks, James

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          Cris Coffey

          Some people break these up into Hardware and Software as the top level, some make areas like Network Issue, Telecom Issue, PC Issue as top level types, the combinations are endless. Whatever you decide though, a good practice to simplify self service for your users is to hide most of the types from them so they have a very small subset to select from.

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            Hi James,


            I ran into the same problem when I inherited my Track-It! database. There were about 800 Type/Subtype/Category combinations defined and I had to retroactively update several thousand tickets so I could delete all of the unnecessary top-level Types. Here's what we have now for Types:


            1. USER ACCOUNT

            2. USER SOFTWARE

            3. USER HARDWARE

            4. NETWORK/STORAGE

            5. PRINTING/SCANNING

            6. PHYSICAL SECURITY


            The first three types deal with real individuals that we have to keep happy, and the last three deal with shared assets. We decided to not add any more top-level Types beyond that because:


            - the Technician Client only displays the first six rows in the drop-down list (and we're too lazy to scroll down),

            - the built-in "Work Order Trends by Type" report has a bar graph that looks pretty neat if you only have six Types to show, and

            - anyone that we show that report to will not want to see anything more complicated or technical than that.


            All organizations are different, but if you can explain to all of your users the difference between their network credentials, Microsoft Word, and their keyboard, you should be able to funnel their requests into more specific sub-types.


            I'd just advise keeping your Types and Subtypes as mutually-exclusive as possible, so end-users don't get confused.


            Good luck,



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              Thanks Steve. You are exactly right that most end users are too lazy for selecting Types only, they don't care about sub-type and category.

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                Actually, my IT department want to outreach Track-It! system for other departments to use by themselves(e.g. Marketing dept, safety dept), that's why I specially hold a meeting to discuss how to use work order types efficiently for all departments, we are thinking about to use work order types as ITHelpdesk, MarketingHelpdesk,SafetyHelpdesk..., along with sub-types affiliate with every department specific application.

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                  You could name your Types after each Department, create non-licensed "placeholder" Technicians for each different Helpdesk, then create a Skill Routing Policy to match each Type to the specific Helpdesk.


                  So if you had these types:


                  1. IT

                  2. Marketing

                  3. Safety


                  You would go into the Administration Console and add a generic "IT Helpdesk" Technician where the license type is "None":




                  Then create a Skill Routing Policy to assign Work Orders of type "IT" to "IT Helpdesk":


                  itsrp.JPGThen all Work Orders that get a Type of "IT" get assigned to the "IT Helpdesk", and you can do the same for the "Marketing Helpdesk" and "Safety Helpdesk", as needed. As you add licensed Technicians from each Department, you use the Security tab to limit the Marketing people to only see tickets assigned to the "Marketing Helpdesk" or themselves, etc.


                  With a bit of tweaking, each Department user will only be able to see the Subtypes and Categories specific to their Work Order Type, and not the Work Orders related to other Departments.

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                    Thanks Steve, it is really a very good idea and I will set multiple email address for different departments to get work order types notification automatically, respectively.

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                      Cris Coffey

                      Rolled this into a document to centralize the discussion.


                      The document is here: Track-It! Type/SubType/Category examples