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    CMDB Dispatcher entries in Application Pending form

    Manish Patel
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      We come across couple customer issues about accumulated CMDB Dispatcher entries into Application Pending form.

      This behaviour has been observed with 9.x releases.



      Analysis :-

      CMDB Dispatcher creates entry in ‘Application Pending’ form to register with AR Dispatcher using AR API ARExecuteProcess using Application-Command as mentioned below.


      Application-Command Dispatch Register-Category -s"AR System CMDB Dispatcher" -tCMDB Dispatcher -o"araps_cmdb.lck" -l"22:<server name>:Global\c:*program files*bmc software*arsystem*confRemedyCMDBEngSigEvent"


      From 9.x, wrong entry gets created due to missing enclosing double quotes -tCMDB Dispatcher


      Prior 9.x, the system was parsing the dispatcher command correctly even after missing double quotes.



      e.g. Correct CMDB Dispatcher entry in Application Pending form observed with pre 9.x where Tag value is "CMDB Dispatcher"



      e.g. with 9.x, the following entry gets created where Tag is "CMDB"


      Solution :-


      Defect SW00502561 has been created.

      We are working on the product fix. As soon the fix is available, we will update the post.