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    Have you Upgraded to Remedy AR System 9.1? (Windows)

    Catherine Connelly
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      Have you upgraded to Remedy AR System 9.1?  If so what issues have you encountered?  Is it reliable and stable once you have applied all the hotfixes? Which hotfixes have you applied?  Is it running smoothly and reliably?  How long have you been running Remedy AR System 9.1?


      Any commentary would be greatly appreciated.

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          Jason Miller

          We have been trying to upgrade on and off since the beginning of the year. Even with the Sept hotfixes (didn't try any for Oct) we are seeing odd SQL errors in our sandbox copy of production throughout the day. There are errors that a C column can't be found however the column(s) don't leave the DB at random times, not sure why Remedy doesn't see them. When it stars throwing these errors the system hangs and give users odd errors. The errors then goes away until they start again. I am very confident that the soon-to-be released Remedy 9.1 Service Pack 2 Update fixes these errors.

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            Jason Miller

            It is my understanding that there a number of organizations on 9.x though so it appears some companies have found stability.

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              Catherine Connelly

              Thank you so much for your feedback, Mr. Jason Miller! 


              Today I received the following information about the Mid-Tier's programming changes from 8x to 9x:


              “ The Mid Tier has always been Java API and it was only once it hit the AR Server did it get converted to C API. I believe (and I just got confirmation) that it was in 9.0 that they started using Java API directly in the Server side so there was no conversion.”
              – David Moser, BMC Tech Support for the Mid-Tier


              We have been trying to upgrade and had it running in a Test Environment.  Some of the issues encountered are similar to what you are describing with the SQL errors. We have also experienced the following:


              1.  When we encounter issues, BMC Tech Support's answer is to apply hotfix after hotfix, plus literally update or change paths or code in the java files.  We have applied up to 3 hotfixes at this point.

              2.  Odd characters, of course, like forward slashes "/" cannot be read by Java and any objects which contain odd characters must be renamed.

              3.  Any menus that have been renamed are not automatically reflected in the field properties on the forms that contain menus.  You must manually change them.  To identify all instances, an impact neighborhood analysis must be done; then manual config changes follow.

              4.  Java updates will stop the services from running; because the original java path is hard-coded into the java files for the AR System and Mid-Tier.  To correct this problem, you must identify all java files where it is hard-coded and manually update it.  To avoid this problem, you can simply turn the Java Updates off from the Java Control Panel.


              I think the biggest challenge here for our upgrade has been the vast number of manual configuration changes and file updates that must be done to make things work; in addition to issues with JRE suddenly stopping.

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                Catherine Connelly

                I am curious as to whether those who are currently using Remedy AR System 9.1 upgraded or just used the system out-of-the-box?!


                Than you again.