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    Remedy-9.1 Server Group Creation Using VM Cloning-Possibility

    Rahul Priyadarshy

      Hi Experts,


      We are in process on Making a new 9.1 ARS+CMDB+ITSM+SRM+SLM setup in 4 server Server Group. Ideal way is to create server group by running installers on all 4 servers.

      This takes time for all 4 servers.


      Os will be - SUSE Linux

      DB- Oracle 12 c

      Remedy - 9.1 Suite


      We were thinking of Running Installer on first Server and then Second server own wards us VM cloning for Remedy ARS Servers. Remove the references from Cloned Servers and then try to make ARS service up in second server and so on.........................


      My Queries are


      (1) has anyone tried this method for making a server group in 9.1?

      (2) Is this approach is reliable and robust ?

      (3) Since in 9.1 Conf entries are created in DB too-  So after cloning how make these conf entries in DB for 2,3 and 4 th servers if we go with Cloning approach? or when second server will be up DB entries will automatically created from Ar.Conf file.


      Folks your input please - Purpose here is to explore this possibility and save some time to make 4 server- Server Group in quick time.