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    TrueSight Presentation Server and Atrium SSO High Availability - F5 Load Balancer

    Bhuvaneswaran Ekanathan
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      Hi All,


      Anyone configured TrueSight Presentation Server and Atrium Single Sign On for High Availability using F5 Load Balancer ?


      If possible, please share the experience and high level steps.


      Below is high level setup for our deployment,


      • TSPS [version 10.5.00] and SSO [version 9.0] components will be installed on same server, one in Site A and other in Site B


      • Server in Site A will be Primary and Server in Site B will be Secondary [Fail-Over] for High Availability


      • F5 Load Balancer will be configured for routing the requests to Active node based on health checks [HTTP/HTTPS requests]


      Load Balancer configuration for High Availability is not detailed in BMC documentation and do not help much. Any peer experience will greatly help.


      Specifically, it is mentioned in Atrium SSO documentation, HTTP session stick mode must be configured in Load Balancer and would like to understand the significance of it and does it need LTM for configuration or GTM can be used ?


      Any reference or inputs will help a lot