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    BSA - Uniform Product Installer - db migration errors

    Mike Brennan

      I'm performing an upgrade of BSA from 8.3 to 8.6.01 using the Uniform Product Installer.


      The upgrade is failing while performing the database migration & not attempting the application server upgrade.


      BSA setup is running on Linux and Windows as below:

      1) APP Server running on Linux

      2) File Server running on Windows

      3) Oracle db


      I have attached the "blmigration" log file.


      Having a look myself the bsainstallupgrade log does not appear to contain anything useful.  The blmigration log does have some info.

      The 2 errors appear to be:


      1/ <#text->mig_chng_contnts_tbl_6018> not logged successful in the mig_task table;

      2/ SingleStepMigrationResult: TSK NM=mig_java_script_start     ; TSK SCR NM=    ; TO=8.5.00  ; TSK MSG=mig_java_script_start FAILED !!!



      Has anyone seen this before or should i open a support ticket?  I have searched around the community and not found anything so far.


      Thank you in advance for your help.