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    PPTs from Engage?

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      When I attended Engage last time, we all got an USB-stick with all ther presentations.

      I asked about this now, and was told that all the presentations would be published online.

      When and where will they be available?




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          If you have the BMC Engage app for your phone or iOS device (you do don't you?) you can navigate to Agenda and then to the sessions you're interested in. The Resources icon (a little bar chart) will be enabled if there is something posted. About half the sessions have PDF versions of the presentations available (without the speaker's notes or script). When viewing that there is a SHARE link at the top of the screen which will allow you to mail it to yourself (or your boss, to prove you were there!).  The emails I sent to myself include the PDF as an attachment, but the ".pdf" at the end of the file name is missing. You'll need to specify opening the file with Acrobat or another PDF reader, or rename the file with .pdf on the end.


          Hope this helps....

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            Jamie Boley

            You can also access the mobile site from a browser at the address below:




            Either way, though it is PAINFUL!! You have to go to every session and click on the resources to see if there is a power point and then click on it to download it.  So far, I've spent 2hrs to download the DSM track sessions and the website is VERY sllllooooow! 

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              Jamie Boley

              Someone must have pushed the reset button, because it just got much faster!

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                Ah, I looked in the app under "Etc. -> Resources", but did not find anything there. And nice "workaround", Jamie, even as you say, it still takes some time to do this. I guess you post a share on Dropbox when you are done

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                  Jamie Boley

                  How much money do you think I could charge for that service? $$$$


                  I'm guessing not enough for the amount of legal trouble I would be in...

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                    Hi everyone! 


                    I hope the following is a much easier (and faster) way to find the shared presentations. Instead of using the mobile app, you can visit the Web Portal where you initially pre-registered for sessions:


                    • Log in to your Engage account
                    • Click on My Agenda
                    • Click on the Download Presentations link


                    You can then search "by day" or by specific session. This process eliminates the need to navigate to each individual session to find the presentation you're looking for.


                    You will be receiving an email with all these instructions soon -- you beat us to it!


                    I hope this helps!  Let us know?

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                      Excellent, thanks!

                      (Although all presentations in one big zip would be easier to download;)

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                        Jason Miller

                        That is the more traditional way to get the sessions.


                        Maybe we haven't been very clear about our use case and how many of us keep all of the presentation files as a references. We often look back at them years down the road. Many times looking at sessions we didn't attend at the conference.



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                          Rick Westbrock

                          Since I am interested in only two products I am just going through the sessions to download slide decks from the ones I attended first, then I'll hit the product tracks to grab anything else that looks interesting. I get a better idea of which ones I want to read by doing it this way instead of being handed a dump of everything from the whole conference. I did notice that at least one of my sessions does not have a slide deck available (maybe it's coming later?)

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                            Jamie Boley

                            From my experience, there could be various reason why slide decks are not available.  Many times I have noticed that slides from sessions that have to do with roadmaps or products that have not been released for general availability are not published in the Engage website; that's why you see a lot of veterans taking pictures of slides at Engage ).  Also, some presenters from outside of BMC could have legal restrictions from their company on what can and cannot be published to a wider audience.  I guess when in doubt, take pictures or write down and notes you think you will need.

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                              Jamie Boley

                              LOL Jason Miller we do the same thing.  I think our WWRUG slides are on a different location though or since purged


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                                LJ LongWing

                                I named those folders 'WWRUG12' and 'WWRUG13'....so mine are still around, just sorted different alphabetically

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                                  Rick Westbrock

                                  Ah yes of course, it was a road map session in fact.

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                                    Martijn Krop

                                    I did not attend Engage. Where can I find the presentations?

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