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    BCM OSD : PXE-E32 TFTP Open Timeout

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      Hello All,


      I have upgraded BCM from 12.0 to 12.1 on Win 2012 Server three months back.

      Here now OSD manager is on Windows 10 OS, previously it was on win 7. (Same device, OSD Manager OS upgraded.)

      Before and after upgrade(Both BCM and OSD OS) OS Deployment was working fine. Suddenly this TFTP timeout error started.


      Scenario :  OSD is configured as below

      osd config.JPG

      OSD manager have both roles as Image Repository and Boot listener. after error, I had removed boot listener role from OSD  but same error again.


      DHCP is configured with Option 66 (Boot listener : OSD Manager  and 67 : preboot.0 , as using only Legacy boot) Tried with removing option 67 and changing option 66.


      For Using internal BMC TFTP Server I had run TFTP Batch file but it gave error as it could not found tftpd.exe in system32 folder.  C:/PXETFTP and Image Repository are different folders and both are public shared.TFTP server service is not running as it had errors(created through batch File) . UDP Port 69 is shown when I run command "netstat". I tried with installing Open source TFTP Server but no luck.  How we can use External TFTP Server?


      Do I need to do any other configurations for TFTP in this version or on Windows 10 OS? How can I check whether Packets from Target are getting lost or How can i find whether there is another TFTP Server in environment?


      Please suggest me for this issue.


      Thanks and Regards,