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    Need Help And Guidence On Track-IT Move and Upgrade

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      Our Server 2005 h/w is going end of life and we are looking to move Track-IT over to Server 2012.


      Production:  Track-IT 11.2

      Test Environment: 11.3


      We tried using the New, simpler method with the batch file..to copy Test 11.3 over to the new test server, Server 2012 but ran into issues.




      The batch file did not create services as it appears it was looking for registry entries..?



      Do we need to first install Track-IT on the new server before attempting to move/copy everything over with the batch file?

          - if so, I do not see that 11.3 full install is available anywhere?


      Any other tips and or advise on how to best get this done?


      Once we successfully move/copy the test environment over to the new server, we will then be upgrading it to 11.4..


      After extensive testing we will be processing the same changes/moves on our Production environment.




      Any input, tips and guidance is appreciated!