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    "PAS Unavailable" in all environments?

    Sieghart Seith
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      Did you ever get "xxxx PAS UNAVAILABLE" in all systems?

      I know this error msg if anything is wrong in PAS definition or PAS is abended (seldom). But now I see this msg in ALL mainview sessions in all sysplexes. Very strange!

      I have no idea what to look for ...

      Now there is no full-screen (BBI2) service available.

      Any tip?

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          Sieghart Seith

          new attempt shows error msg:



          I've never seen this before.

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            The first question is what has changed?   This does not usually occur unless a new release is put in or a configuration change of some type is implemented.    My next thought is you should contact BMC support.


            Look for library mismatches.    Wrong library in the linklist, steplib, etc.    Bad CLIST.

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              Sieghart Seith

              Most of these things are done already: we have a ticket for bmc support (and jeslogs and dump sent in). There are NO (known) changes.

              I have checked all clists and tested with alternate access and via TSO. And - the strangest part of this problem - we have the problem in SEVERAL sysplexes. Our general rule in change mgmt is: NO change in more than one sysplex at ONE time. So this is "very odd".

              Reason for posting here is: Any OTHER things to check? (maybe zOS issues for cross-memory or ....)

              And by the way: BBI2 services are still needed - even if you not use directly. For example: use CT view in windows mode - and try to show entries in a trace - BANG! - see:

              BMC SOFTWARE --------------                     -------- BBI-SS UNAVAILABLE
              SERV ==> LTRAC        INPUT   09:47:29  INTVL=> 3  LOG=> N  TGT==> DB2Q   
              PARM ==> BIGELAP                                             SCROLL=> CSR 

              So, you cannot use all services of MainView without BBI2-Access!

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                Can you access a DB2 on the same system(LPAR) you are logged into with your user address connection?    This is sounding more and more like a CLIST or VTAM issue.    I agree it is very strange to break every where at once.   Seems like something network (VTAM) related.    I'm certain support will get to the bottom of it.

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                  Sieghart Seith

                  The mystery is solved now!

                  Problem was: changing zOS parameter ALLOWUSERKEYCSA() in DIAGxx member on the fly.

                  This was changed in ALL sysplexes (from YES to NO) WITHOUT restart of PAS. In this case we've got into trouble because there was a mismatch of storage protection keys (UAS and PAS).

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                    Thanks for the update.     Always good to see a problem resolved.    I try to file away the solution somewhere that if it happens again I can find the answer quickly.   Sometimes that works .. sometimes it doesn't.