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    Blank in file path name.

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      I am trying to run a file watcher on a Intel box and there are blanks in the name.


      eg. \\GWLANFS4\Grp_ben\D189 Reporting\Data Sources\GWL_STD_ClaimScores_txt-2016-08-08-230000.txt


      Is there a way to the the file watcher to work with the blank characters.



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          Shawn Green

          By Intel, I assume Windows? Have you tried wrapping the path in quotes? i.e. "\\GWLANFS4\Grp_ben\D189 Reporting\Data Sources\GWL_STD_ClaimScores_txt-2016-08-08-230000.txt"

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            Shawn Green

            There is also this:


            Defines the path of the file to be detected. The file name can include wildcard character * to represent any number of characters (including no characters) or ? to represent any one character.


            \\GWLANFS4\Grp_ben\D189 Reporting\Data?Sources\GWL_STD_ClaimScores_txt-2016-08-08-230000.txt

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              Rick Westbrock

              Be careful using the ? wildcard on a Windows agent as it does not behave as expected. I found in v9.0 that it matches any number of characters instead of matching one character. When I contacted Support they told me this was a known issue on the Windows platform. I can't remember if there was a KB article about it or not, I can check if someone needs the link; I don't have the notes handy since it was a side question during a case for another issue.

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                Rick Westbrock

                Ah, I found the case more easily than I thought (it was from December 2015 and I didn't realize the search limit is 90 days). Here's what Support told me at that time:

                Development told me that, on windows, the '?' wild card actually acts as one or fewer characters. That is why ???????? was matching 2015, please let me know if you have any other questions.


                I was told that an RFE was opened on my behalf to fix that so the ? only matches one character as expected but it is over eight months later and I have not heard back anything about that RFE.

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                  Arbel Yahel

                  Hi Jay,

                  You should be able to setup a file watcher job while the watched file name contains blanks, Windows and Unix.

                  This capability was inserted in V640.

                  Note that in the ctmfw command line, you must double quote it:

                  ctmfw "file name with blanks" CREATE ...

                  If you are using rule file with ON_FILEWATCH and the file name is with blanks, again you must double quote the name, this will work on Windows.

                  For Unix, this is not working and there is CAR00036236 for that.



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