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    HTTPS CSR File Creation Problem - URL vs FQDN

    Charles Quadrini
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      I am trying to configure https on a consolidating appliance but am running into an issue that I need help with.


      Our appliance is reachable to the end user via a URL, let us call it:



      However, when creating the CSR file, I need to use the FQDN:



      I get a CER file from my administrator, load it  with success via the UI.


      However, when I try to log onto the appliance UI via the URL, I receive a warning by my browser stating the cert if bad. If I type the FQDN in my browser, the certificate is valid.


      My cert admin has told me I need to generate a CSR with SAN attributes, and that is why I am writing.


      How do I do that, is the a command line function and not UI?




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