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    RKM - Content Weighting and Relevancy

    Sandeep Das
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      RKM 7.6.04 uses certain fields to determine article relevancy to a search. The content weighting for Title, Environment and Keywords can be configured at Server Information > FTS tab.

      I assumed that Title and Keywords in the image above refer to the knowledge article title and keywords fields.


      However, it looks like the the mapping needs to be set during Knowledge Source configuration. On the "Manage Knowledge Sources" page, select "RKM:HowToTemplate" and click the Modify button.

           This is an OOTB source configuration that maps to "RKM:HowToTemplate" form. Click Next.


          On the "Relevancy Fields" screen, you can specify which form fields map to "Title", "Keywords" and "Environment". The mappings on this page are blank by default. And my assumption is the content weighting configured on the Server Information page will apply to the fields configured here. The problem is that the "Article Title" and "Article Keywords" are not available on RKM:HowToTemplate form but on the RKM:KnowledgeArticleManager form. The field menus on the screen below only display fields available on the RKM:HowToTemplate form.



      I've got a few questions:


      1. Does the content weighting configured on the FTS tab of Server Information form, work if the Relevancy Fields on the Knowledge Source are blank?

      2. If yes, how? If it uses a different mapping, then why set "Relevancy Fields" during knowledge source configuration?

      3. If no, then how can we get the content weighting to work properly? BMC Support told me to create a new knowledge source based on the "RKM:KnowledgeArticleManager" form and set the appropriate Relevancy fields. However, in the many threads and discussions on RKM, I've never seen this discussed or documented. If what BMC Support is saying is true, then content weighting doesn't work unless a new knowledge source is created based on the RKM:KnowledgeArticleManager form.

      4. Have I completely misunderstood the configuration options?