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    Incident Count for Show All in Incident Console showing zero count due to data access model enhancement in Remedy 9.1?

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      Hi All,


      The incident count in Incident Console when I choose the show "All" is showing zero count. This issue occurred to user with no unrestricted access. (We have 2 operating companies in remedy)

      Is this due to the data model enhancement?

      Since the company id is not longer populated in field 112.


      "In versions earlier than 9.1, configuration and ticket data access was managed using the company fields on the application form allowing access to all members within a company. However, the data access needs for configuration and ticket data are different.  All users in a company need access to the configuration but not to the ticket data."


      I think this issue is also occurred in change console and other console.

      Is there any new configuration that I missed in Remedy 9.1?


      I am curious to know if anyone else is seeing this behavior in ITSM 9.1.00

      Kindly help.


      Thank you.