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    Business Service CI and the Incident Form

      HI Team I am new to this forum and am probably trying to make RoD V9 do something that it is not suppose to do however, if any one has an idea it would be greatly appreciated.  I am trying to make the Incident form provide a list of CI's based upon the Service*+ field.  My observation has been that the CI filed in the Incident form is linked to the People record rather than the Business Service record. What I am trying to achieve is the following:  In the incident form in the 'Service+' field I have two (2) catagories - Corporate Business Services and Desktop Services.  What I would like to occur is that if you choose the 'Corporate Business Services' in the 'Service+*' field the the 'CI+' field would present a list of Corporate Applications.  IN like manner, If I select 'Desktop Services' I am presented with a list of Desktop applications. In my recent testing, I have defined 10x Corporate Business Applications and 10x Desktop Applications all as Application CI's.  I then created a relationship and made the relevant 'Business Service' CI as a parent.  ie. 10 applications with a relationship to Corporate Business Application (Business Service) and 10 applications to the Desktop Services (Business Service).  However, regardless of the 'Service' I choose, my pull down list for both 'Corporate and Desktop' I see 20 CI's in the pull down list. Why am I trying to achieve this? My logic is as follows: By utilising the 'Service' and 'CI' fields in ROD the system will automatically generate a relationship with the Business Service and Application.  Therefore, this linkage does not have to be made manually !.  Additionally, the number of Corporate applications and Desktop Applications are extensive and by splitting the list it would make it easier for my Service Desk to log an incident.  My observation is that regardless of which 'Business Service' I select when logging an incident that the 'CI' list presents those CI's linked to the Person Record.  Are there any ways in which I can achieve the above?

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          Jim Wilson

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            Tom Moram

            With my limited experience in the Incident console, I don't believe what you've stated would be possible without customisation. The current drop down CI list is based on the Customer*+ field, so that would need to be customised. This in itself would cause issues. Would you bring in parent or child CIs - or both? How many levels, 1,2,3,50? How far up or down your Service Model should it scan to populate this list? If it is possible it could cause performance issues.


            Apologies if I've misunderstood (which is a genuine possibility), and also I do not know your current CMDB/Service Model maturity level, but I believe you may be coming at this at the wrong angle. Your Business Services and CIs should be managed by the Service Asset & Configuration Management team, and should form a service model. (Which CIs form a Business Service, which CIs cause impact to other CIs/Business Services, which CIs are dependent on other things etc.etc). You've said that you've created Application CIs for all Corporate Applications and then linked those CIs up to a Business Service CI called Corporate Business Services.


            In my opinion, the better way to do this would be to create a Business Service CI for each individual Corporate Application, and under each of these configure all the hardware and software required to deliver that Corporate Application. Then link all your Corporate Applications Business Services up to an overarching Business Service.


            Then setup Product Categorisation for each individual Corporate Application Business Service CI. (CIs and Product Categorisation can all be bulk loaded)


            You could then, for example do the following:


            • Someone logs an incident about "SAP Application" (one of your Corporate Applications).
            • This is setup as a Business Service so you link "SAP Application" in the Service*+ field.
            • You've setup Product Categorisation in the "SAP Application" CI to further detail what that CI represents, so the following Product Categorisation gets added to the Incident:
            • Tier 1: Service
            • Tier 2: Business Service
            • Tier 3: Corporate Applications
            • Product Name: SAP Application


            You then know, and can report on the Business Service that the incident was raised regarding, and also whether it was a Corporate Application or a Desktop Application.

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                Karl-Anders Falk

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