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    Can you add Load Balancer Service to BAI?

    Brian Soefje
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      I have a query in some TPL that returns some LB services that a host is linked to.

      After creating the BAI, I then addContainment for all the SIs the TPL has uncovered and then do the same for the LB services.

      // Add containees to BAI container

      model.addContainment(bai, si_list);  // Adding SIs

        if lb_services then

          model.addContainment(bai, lb_services);  // Adding LB services

        end if;


      However I can't seem to confirm that the LB services ever get contained in the BAI.

      Is this allowed?

      This query returns 0 :  lookup 'somebai' show type, name, nodecount(traverse SoftwareContainer:SoftwareContainment:ContainedSoftware:LoadBalancerService) as 'Load Balancer Service Count'