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    Using Regular expression in Remedy

    Dineshkumar BR


      We are try to validate a particular pattern value in a character field in remedy. 

      Ex : BBB-LLL-CCC-PPPP-AAAAAA-III-TBD - User must enter only value in this pattern. If the user enters any other pattern than this it should throw an error 


      We are trying to achive this using regular experssion.

      Below is the qualification used in the Active link.   


      Field1 LIKE "%^[a-zA-Z]{3}\-[a-zA-Z]{3}\-[a-zA-Z]{3}\-[a-zA-Z]{4}\-[a-zA-Z]{6}\-[a-zA-Z]{3}\-[a-zA-Z]{3}%" 


      But this is not working.. Please help us