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    Different event Type

    Jorge Xifra
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      I´m trying to create events in TSI vie the REST API, with different Types.

      Currently in TSI I see events of type "Event" & "Unkown"

      Example: Create an event of type "Incident"

      Is this possible?


      If so, Which is the proper paramenter in the JSON structure?

      I´m trying this, but it is not working.


            "title": "CRM not working 08 14.33",

            "fingerprintFields": ["@title", "@message"],

            "message": "msg: reported by  user Juan",

            "status": "OPEN",

            "createdAt": 1464629580,   

            "source": {"ref": "Remedy", "type": "Incident"}




      I couldn´t find any proper field in the documentation