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    Index Rebuild Stuck 11.4HF3

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      After our upgrade to HF3, we have had some indexing issues. Following TIA02958 I am able to have it delete the search data, but on creation of the new index it gets stuck and does not continue. I have also seen it rebuild on its own, only to stop at the same data markers. Here's some log info and screenshots:

      You can see the size is very small. Before our upgrade it was roughly thousands times the size (We have a large database I believe).


      Log File Contents:

      Index: C:\Program Files (x86)\BMC Software\Track-It!\Track-It! Services\SearchData

      Date:  05/11/2016 19:33:01



      * * * 05/11/2016 19:33:01 (7285)


          Actions:                  "Add "

          IndexPath:                "C:\Program Files (x86)\BMC Software\Track-It!\Track-It! Services\SearchData"

          IndexName:                ""

          ToRemoveList:             ""

          DataSourceToIndex:        172867744(0xa4dc0a0)

          MaxMemToUseMB:            64(0x40)

          AutoCommitIntervalMB:     0(0x0)

          StoredFields:             [empty]

          IndexingFlags:            805307072 (0x300002c0) dtsIndexCacheOriginalFile dtsIndexCacheText dtsIndexCreateVersion7 dtsIndexCreateVersion7a


          IncludeFilters:           [empty]

          ExcludeFilters:           [empty]

          DirList:                  [empty]

          Dir:                      ""

          DirListName:              ""

          FileListName:             ""


          Error Handler:            172863852(0xa4db16c)

          Report callback:          268533040(0x10017d30)

          Job Options:              234496144(0xdfa2090)

          TimeoutSeconds:           0(0x0)






      * * * 05/11/2016 19:33:02 (7285)

      Indexing completed.

         Docs indexed:       102

            Total size:  0

         Words in index:     25,839

         Docs in index:      5,796

         Fields in index:    15

         Total index size:   5,178,522

         Structure version:  701


          AlphabetFile:             "default.abc"

          BinaryFiles:              2 dtsoIndexBinary

          BooleanConnectors:        ""

          FieldFlags:               0 (0x0)

          TextFlags:                0 (0x0)

          FileTypeRules:            "filetype.xml"

          HomeDir:                  "C:\Program Files (x86)\BMC Software\Track-It!\Track-It! Services"

          Hyphens:                  3 dtsoHyphenAsSpace

          IndexNumbers:             1(0x1)

          Macros:                   "macros.xml"

          MaxStoredFieldSize:       512(0x200)

          MaxWordLength:            32(0x20)

          MaxWordsToRetrieve:       65536(0x10000)

          NoiseWordFile:            "noise.dat"

          PrivateDir:               ""

          SegmentationRules:        "fileseg.xml"

          StemmingRulesFile:        "stemming.dat"

          TextFieldsFile:           "fields.xml"

          TitleSize:                80(0x50)

          UpdateFiles:              0(0x0)

          UserThesaurus:            "thesaur.xml"

          XmlIgnoreTags:            ""

          Search Chars:             "Stemming=~ Phonic=# Weight=: Macro=@ Fuzzy=% Synonym=& MatchDigit== "

          UnicodeFilterBlockSize:   262144(0x40000)

          UnicodeFilterFlags:       0 (0x0)

          UnicodeFilterRanges:      0,1,2

          UnicodeFilterMinTextSize: 6(0x6)




      Any thoughts why it might be getting stuck somewhere? And why it says indexing complete in the log but then has the lock file still there?