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    Windows CUj Warnings Re: Error: Filter [Shavlik] is misspelt

      Are the errors shown in the attached pictures false or should we not include Shavlik and VMWare as part of filters within the catalog?


      1. We are using the latest configuration file.
      2. I've downloaded the latest cab files.
      3. I've checked the xml file to see if shavlik and vmware is "misspelt"
      4. I've even went as far as removing irrelevant patches (kind of irrelevant to do that) to get the current catalog as spiffy as possible.
      5. Re-ran the catalog and receive the same warnings.


      When I removed the filters/product names from the catalog; i.e., Shavlik and VMWare and re-ran the catalog, I get a clean run.

      These are the warnings I received


      Here's where I removed the filters or Product Names