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    Knowledge articles showing two different views

    Paul Bastin
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      Hi all,


      Have noticed very strange behaviour with the way knowledge articles are displayed in MyIT.


      This applies to all articles created either through SmartIT or the midtier knowledge management.


      The knowledge article appears on MyIT search results just fine and opens up when clicked and has the following URL:



      Attachments are not visible, even though it has 2.


      On the right of the page is "Similar Articles" and the very same article I am currently viewing is displayed again.


      Clicking that link on "Similar Articles" opens up the exact same article, but with a different URL:



      Now, there is no longer a duplicate entry under "Similar Articles" and the attachments are displaying correctly.



      So basically, whenever the KBA ID is used, the article has a duplicate entry under Similar Articles and does not display the attachments. Is there a way I can change it so that it only uses the URL with the GUID at the end? Also, the GUID used in the URL does not correspond to the GUID of the KBA article so I am not even sure where it's getting this from.