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        I don't mean to bring this up again, and 1.5 years later; however, I'm dealing with the same exact issue but with MS15-015.  Every one of the pics throughout this thread are exactly the same one's I'm seeing.  We built our Windows Catalog August 7th 2014.  Should we be placing -2145124329,2359302 within Patch deploy reboot return codes?




        And if so, would I need to perform a CUj after or should this take affect immediately?  Also, if I do need to add these return codes, what happens if we have to keep adding more and more, won't this become an issue?

        • 31. Re: patch deployment - reboot
          Yanick Girouard

          This takes effect immediately, it's not used by the depot objects, but rather by the deploy job mechanic in the commit phase. The next patch deploy job you run will take the codes into account.


          As for adding more and more, I don't think it would be an issue, as there' sonly a handful of codes that should go there. Others should still be considered errors. I wouldn't expect too many codes to go there.

          • 32. Re: patch deployment - reboot

            So, this is something I should do anyway, add the return codes?

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