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    MyIT Enhancement ideas

    Tim Kendall
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      Recently we have rolled out MyIT and have already thought of possible enhancements that would be beneficial to include.


      I have raised two ideas for these already and would like your support on voting for these if you see them being good additions to the tool.


      Hide SRDs (Service Requests) associated to the SuperBox

      -     When you setup the Super Box to create a general incident or Request, it adds this standard Service Request to your catalog and there is no way to hide it. Meaning the customer base could easily select this for any request and type in whatever they want, also increases the size of a catalog by 2 requests that really shouldn't be populated. This is why I think it would be great to have an option to hide certain Service Requests from appearing in the catalog but still have the entitlements setup to allow the customer to submit one (through the SuperBox).


      Introduce Service Request Process View for MyIT/Smart IT

      -     The other is the Service Request "Process View", this was a great feature in Mid-Tier to allow the end users and support techs the ability to see the flow of the request and easily track what phase the request is at. In MyIT this feature was removed and I thought would be beneficial to bring back.


      If I could get your support on voting for these 2 ideas, I can see them both helping all MyIT environments in one way or another in the future. Thank you

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          Carey Walker

          Hi Tim. For the first suggestion - we haven't played around much with the default SRD facility, but are you saying (in 3.0 or 3.1) that if you enable the incident or request creation mechanism in the Superbox, that this automatically exposed the default request in the catalog? It's only there as a result of the Superbox configuration/setup?


          Also, the default request is also available as an action for an Asset as well, so we'd probably need to think about the implications of hiding it etc. for that use case as well.

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            Tim Kendall

            Hi Carey, basically we have SRDs setup in our catalog but none of them are setup with only 1 question as that seems like an incomplete Service Request to our organization. So by using the SuperBox and having to create specific default SRDs for it with only 1 required field (or only 1 field period) exposes that in our overall catalog. However we only want this SRD for the SuperBox and would like to hide it from our catalog. The only way I have found to hide the SRD from the catalog is to remove the entitlements, but without the entitlements nobody can submit it.

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              Carey Walker

              OK, I hadn't realised that the default SRD would appear/be available outside the specific areas it was intended (i.e. Superbox and Asset Actions etc).


              In which case (depending on any answers you may still get from the gurus), I'll vote this one up! thanks!

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                Michele Marques

                The default SRD that you select for the Superbox (or other areas) is part of your catalog, and shows up along with other SRDs.

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                  Tim Kendall

                  Understood, maybe you misunderstood the idea here though. I'm saying for customers like us there should be option to hide the SRD from the catalog and only be accessible via the SuperBox. Otherwise why bother using the SuperBox when they could just select this from the catalog.

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                    Jerker Billberg



                    Can this be a "work around" for you ?

                    1. Create your default SRD

                    2. Add it to a "dummy" category:


                    3. Add it as your default SRD in My/Smart it

                    4. Go back to ITSM and set your dummy category to Inactive:



                    It looks like it works but there might be a drawback to it that I have not noticed so far.

                    Give it a go and let us know.




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                      Tim Kendall

                      This is a very great suggestion and thank you for your input but it appears that although the Category is hidden which makes it more difficult to find, the SRD is still shown when the user selects the "Business Requests" option from MyIT because the SRD is not hidden. I was really hopeful this was going to fix the issue, also the SRD is still searchable from the search menu as well. Thank you again for your input though.

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                        Shameem JS

                        Please put the SRD also offline and check..

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                          Evan Ruble

                          You might try setting the SRD as 'System Request' = "Yes". It seems like in SRM, system requests are hidden using this mechanism.



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                            Tim Kendall

                            Thank you Shameem, this worked perfectly. I don't quite understand how the SR still generates even though it's offline but it works and that's all that matters.

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                              Tim Kendall

                              So it looks like this feature was changed in 3.1. I'm back to the same issue again where I can't find a way to attach an SR to the superbox and not have it populated in the catalogue