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    BCM 12.1 - Wake On Lan operation rules setup

    Phei Ling Teo
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      Hi there,


      Anyone have idea how to setup 'wake on lan' in BCM 12.1?


      I had configured a 'shut down' steps continue with load 'wake on lan' module. However, it seems like only work on shutting down the device.




      Any idea to power on/start up the machine/device? or any best practice on setting up wake on lan.


      Thanks in advanced




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          Fabien Isnard



          There is three ways of doing WOL with BCM:


          • Direct access (right click/direct access/wake up)


          • Wake up through dedicated  Op rule

                    create Oprule

                    add action "centralized wake on lan" situated in "Master steps"

                    configure the rule (choose target(s) and choose "wakeup via target parent")

                    assign and execute the rule to the master (yes the master)


          • Wake up during applying a rule or a patch

                   this method is used to wake up device during deployment process

                   in the property of the assign activate the check box "Wakeup device"


          In each scenario the relay will make the job; either wakeup the target device itself if the device is on the same subnet or find a wakener device in the subnet of the target device able to do the job.




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            Most devices require that WOL be turned on at the device level before any call to “wake” up a device will work.  Dells have a bios setting that is not normally configured for WOL to be on.  Mentioned Dells as that is our company standard and we are currently going through the exercise of turning on the Bios settings.