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    How Usage of TrueSight License is calculated

    Arjun Thakur

      Dear Experts,


      In our environment we have integrated TrueSight with Solarwinds through msend utility.

      What I am of the opinion is that for msend alerts only one license should be consumed for Solawinds source host from where msend utility is executed.


      But, what I am seeing in the License Usage Report (TrueSight Operations Console), that the license is consumed for each network device for which alert is received in TrueSight.


      1. Please, let me know is this the correct behaviour. If not is this a defect/bug or there is any additional configuration that need to be made for avoiding license usage consumption in case of msend integration

      2. How does TrueSight calculates the license usage report (mc_host slot) or any other slots that are taken under consideration.