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    Additional Abstract Review - It's your conference, tell us what you want to learn!

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      There were additional abstracts submitted due of deadline extension. We really want to hear from our community and wanted to make sure folks who took the time to submit abstracts received the same opportunity for our community to vote on them. Our first survey that went out last week was well received and we were very appreciative of you taking time to to complete it.  We are working now on pulling out your selections and will have a final list for your review and comment next week.  Stay tuned!


      Here's round 2 for you to vote on:



      > Deadline March 15.


      Thank you!

      *If you submitted something and do not see it in our surveys, don't panic, our review team reviews all abstracts and it might have been received after the survey was pulled.

      Questions? Contact Developer@bmc.com or contact May Bakken or Michelle Kerby